Curly straight, or wavy?

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How to Make Straight Hair Curly Wavy?

If you have straight or limp locks and you want to experiment with different looks without making a drastic change, try wearing curly or wavy hairstyles. However, stay away from perms, which won't ... Read More »

Is your hair naturally curly, wavy or straight?

natural curly ringlets and I love it!!!!I get complimented every day, so it's kind of an ego boost :)Plus, if I ever wanted to do a straight hair day, I can just plug in my flattener.

Straight hair possibly turning wavy or curly?

Hair texture can change depending on the humidity or even if you changed your shampoo . It's not something you should be to worried aboUt

Why is the back of my hair wavy straight but when it gets to my bangs it's all curly ?

The weight of the longer hair is pulling the waves out. The bangs are shorter, therefore the don't have the weight to pull them down, and stays curly.