Curly or straight I NEED TO KNOW IN 10 MINUTES?

Answer I like your hair straight! However, it's pretty curly, too.Personally, I think that one should change her hair when she has a fancy event. So, since you do curly hair in your every-day life, I'd go... Read More »

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Blondes or brunettes curly or straight long or straight?

red heads(why didnt you list them), curly (its more natural looking), and it depends on the person i like long hair

How to Style Curly Hair in 20 Minutes or Less?

So many to choose from!Are you a girl (or guy) with curly hair and are border lining insanity because you are unsure how to style it? Do you wish your hair could less time to style but last all day... Read More »

How to Straighten Your Curly Hair in Under 10 Minutes?

Just because you have curly hair does not mean you have to wear it curly all the time. While it may seem easier to just pull it back into a ponytail or leave your bouncy locks down, it is just as s... Read More »

Straight or curly?

I think you are exceptionally striking with straight hair, but there's something about what you're wearing and that curly hair that really accents you facial features. It gives you more depth and p... Read More »