Answer YEAH IT IS, I'M 17 and i've met really cool people from their q's or my answers. i've met people that arew like in their 30 and people that are like 12 or 13, not that i use this as a chat room, bu... Read More »

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Curiousity about the 'happy adoptees.'?

I have learned so much here. I didn't come here to discuss anything. This is a Questions and Answer area. Someone asked a question about adoption one day and I felt I had an answer that would hel... Read More »

Ok, not a nice Q, but I have this sort of morbid curiousity?

I believe they would deliver the baby by c-section to let the family view the baby. Once that is done they would let the family decided on burial or cremation. Sometimes the allow the family to mak... Read More »