Curious: how can i search for somebody on youtube using their email address?

Answer I don't think you will actually find their address. I do not know of any software that will give you their address. Sorry. If you can find their actual name; then the search is in the White Pages.

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I need a website where i can search somebody's email address and get their info.?

If he is in facebook then try facebook itself ! !

How to Email Someone Using Their IP Address?

You can find someone's IP, or Internet protocol, address quite easily, as long as you have a direct transfer open with him. A direct transfer means there is information flowing over the Internet be... Read More »

Can you locate someone's email address by using their phone number?

Since a phone number is not required to register for an email address, you will not able to search for someone's email using a phone number. However, you can locate people using email-finding servi... Read More »

You are wanting to send an email to the Sunday roast nrl talk show how do you find their email address?

Fierce, Fabulous, and Flawless (if it's for the online game, Gaia)~