Cures for Swollen Eyes from Crying?

Answer Tears are produced by the lachrymal glands in the top outside corners of the eyes. Tears spill out of the eye and filter through the skin into the ocular tissues. The ocular tissues are full of sal... Read More »

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How to Immediately Reduce Swollen Eyes From Crying?

Though crying is a completely natural human reaction to a number of emotions, it can cause some embarrassment or even be viewed as inappropriate in certain settings. Puffy, swollen eyes are general... Read More »

Why are my eyes swollen after crying the night before?

Why do we have swollen eyes after crying is the most interesting question. Tears are salty, watery secretions that keep two important parts of the eye constantly moist. They flow over the cornea, t... Read More »

My eyes are really puffy from crying. How can I make the swelling go down quickly?

a cold damp cloth helps....actually just rest it light on your face and breath slowly, it will also help you to compose yourself.

Can not crying cause puffy swollen eyelids?

On One Hand: Crying is the CauseIt's crying, rather than not crying, that can cause swollen, puffy eyelids. The main contributor is the salt in your tears, according to The sk... Read More »