Cures for Static Hair?

Answer Static hair can be embarrassing and unattractive. There are several products available, as well as natural remedies, that can easily prevent static from developing in the hair, and also tame hair w... Read More »

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Is there a hair product on the market that REALLY works for static in you hair What store can I find it in?

Help for Hair With a Lot of Static?

There are two main things that affect the amount of static in your hair: weather and your hair's condition. Static is more common in winter and more prevalent in dry frizzy hair. While there's not ... Read More »

How to Keep My Hair From Having Static?

Static electricity in the hair occurs most frequently when temperatures drop and the air is very dry; however, it can happen any time the weather is dry enough to allow static build-up. Static caus... Read More »

How to Get Static Out of Your Hair?

Static in your hair can cause extreme "fly-aways" in your hairstyle. If the static is at its worse, some strands of hair may defy gravity and stand up straight. This can be both annoying and distra... Read More »