Cures for Severely Chapped Lips?

Answer Chapped lips are painful, uncomfortable and unappealing. Winter weather and dry indoor air can cause dry skin through evaporation, resulting in cracked and sensitive lips. Severely chapped lips nee... Read More »

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What Helps Severely Chapped Lips?

Your lips are made up of sensitive tissue that needs moisture to be healthy and smooth. Lips become chapped when they are exposed to cold and dry weather or are affected by an allergic reaction. ... Read More »

What is the best way to treat severely chapped, cracked lips?

How to Cure Severely Chapped Hands?

Do your hands get so severely chapped in the winter that simply putting lotion on them isn't enough? If, for example, you have a job where you have to wash your hands frequently, or you work outdoo... Read More »

How to Repair Severely Cracked and Dry Lips?

When you have dry, cracked, and unsightly lips, it is both hard to imagine showing your face to others, let alone having to put up with the pain caused by them when eating, drinking, and speaking. ... Read More »