Cures for Hair Breakage?

Answer Hair breakage is different then hair shedding, which is a natural occurrence (losing 50-150 hairs a day is nothing to worry about). Hair breakage means that the hair shaft actually splits, frays, o... Read More »

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Natural Cures for Breakage of Black Hair?

Black, or African, hair exhibits unique qualities, such as curliness and coarseness. These qualities may cause vulnerabilities in the strength and vitality of the hair. For example, curls imply a g... Read More »

How to stop hair thinningnot hair fall due to breakage.?

eat healthy food ...especially a handful of dry nuts daily do a lot to hair... and have regular exercise and get your hair trimmed for every 3 months.... try warm oil massages if your hair is dry. ... Read More »

Can Hair Products with Alcohol in Them Cause Hair Breakage?

Hair products that contain alcohol can tend to have a drying effect on hair. The drier the hair, the more easily it will break. However, some products with alcohol are not as drying as others.

How to Deal With Hair Breakage After Hair Color?

Coloring your hair can change your entire look. Highlights or total color can transform dull locks into bold, multi-dimensional hues. Unfortunately, damaged strands can ruin your color job. Over ti... Read More »