Cure for smelly nails?

Answer There're several home remedies you can try to cure nail fungus: Cover your infected nails with white vinegar / straight vinegar / apple cider vinegarï¼›twice a day (day and night) Pai... Read More »

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Ways to Cure Smelly Feet?

Foot odor, a problem millions of people face every day, can cause low self-esteem and embarrassment. When you wear shoes and socks daily, your feet become sweaty, especially outside on hot summer d... Read More »

How Do I Cure Smelly Feet With Black Tea?

Smelly feet are an issue that few people are comfortable with. There's nothing like taking off your shoes and clearing out a room full of people. Thankfully, there are simple home remedies for smel... Read More »

How do you cure sweaty smelly feet?

Some people just have more odour than others, but a way of managing foot odour is to not give the bacteria the chance to multiply.Bacteria basically need warmth, and moisture to grow, so the key to... Read More »

How to Cure Ingrown Nails?

An ingrown nail is a common medical condition that occurs when part of a nail grows into the skin, resulting in constant discomfort and pain. In some cases, an ingrown nail can cause an infection, ... Read More »