Cure constipation in one day?

Answer eat a big bowl of apple sauce...drink prune a bowl of chopped cooked spinach (frozen will whole package, cook with butter) at dinner and eat an apple before sure and d... Read More »

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How can i cure constipation ?

Homeopathy :-Details please what and how you feel. Homeopathy treats the patient not the disease. So your constipation can only be cured by the medicine which has the most similar symptoms that you... Read More »

How to Cure a Cat of Constipation?

What should you do if your cat is constipated? Here are some tips to assist you and kitty.

What's the fastest way to cure constipation?

Increase your intake of water and fiber.Fruit has lots of fiber.Also raw vegetables,Oatmeal,nuts,and whole grains.Don't do laxatives.That is only a temporary fix.You also could become addicted to t... Read More »

How do you cure constipation in babies?

It would depend on the cause of the constipation. But if a baby is having bowel problems they should be evaluated by their pediatrician. It can be anything from a low fiber diet to a serious medica... Read More »