Cummins Engine Tools?

Answer Cummins is a massive company that is responsible for a number of enterprises, but they are perhaps most well known for the engines they build. The Cummins engine is unique in many ways, and as a re... Read More »

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5.9 Cummins Fuel Line Tools?

Cummins Inc. is a United States automotive corporation that designs and sells engines, controls and electrical power generation systems. Cummins sells car systems to 190 countries through 500 compa... Read More »

How to Add Engine Oil to a Diesel Cummins?

Dodge introduced the Cummins diesel engine in 1989 as an option for the 3/4- and 1-ton Ram trucks. Checking and adding oil to the Cummins diesel engine is required maintenance, according to the Dod... Read More »

How Do I Troubleshoot a Cummins B Engine?

The Cummins B series of engines is a group of modern four- and six-cylinder motors. While most widely found in consumer vehicles such as the Dodge Ram, Cummins B engines are also found in buses, ma... Read More »

How to Increase the Horsepower on My Cummins Engine?

Increase the horsepower of your Dodge Cummins by supplying it with more fuel. Aftermarket performance companies produce computerized modules that increase the fuel delivery and the engine's timing.... Read More »