Cullen skink soup is made from which main ingredient?

Answer Cullen skink soup is a traditional Scottish soup that has smoked haddock as the main ingredient. Cullen refers to a small town in northeast Scotland, and skink is a Scottish word for soup.Source:T... Read More »

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What is the main ingredient in mock turtle soup?

Mock turtle soup is a soup made to imitate the flavor and texture of genuine turtle soup, which used to be a symbol of opulence. There are a wide variety of different recipes, most of which use be... Read More »

What extra ingredient goes in your soup?

Well, since i absolutely LOVE making soups, there's a few things that I always put in my soup no matter what kind of soup I'm making, and that is......1. onions2. black pepper3. crushed red pepper4... Read More »

What is the main ingredient in WD-40?

According to the Material Safety Data Sheet, or MSDS, for WD-40, the product contains up to 50 percent Aliphatic Hydrocarbon by weight. The company busts the myth that the main ingredient in the al... Read More »

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