Culinary Plating Techniques?

Answer Plating your food is something few home cooks take into consideration, but it is an essential element of food presentation among professional chefs. By plating food in a visually appealing way, the... Read More »

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Where to Find Culinary Arts Lessons on Cooking Techniques?

Learning fundamental cooking techniques can help you with most recipes. Once you know some techniques, you can experiment with ingredients and modify recipes to your own taste. If you have a passio... Read More »

How to: Chrome Plating?

Chrome is a type of metal that is used as a pure and solid substance. While most things are not created as solid chrome, you can make use of chrome plating to provide a shiny coat to different auto... Read More »

What is rhodium plating?

Rhodium plating is the process of coating a piece of jewelry, especially rings and earrings, in a rhodium metal finish to increase the jewelry's durability, according to Read More »

Do it Yourself Chrome Plating?

Chrome is frequently used to provide metal such as steel--and, occasionally, aluminum, brass,copper, plastic, and stainless steel--with a shiny finish. Chrome finishes are generally more reflective... Read More »