Cuckoo Bird Habitat?

Answer Despite the familiarity of its cry, the cuckoo remains a stranger to most people. Unlike its famous image in the cuckoo clock, the bird stays away from people. Furtive, watchful and usually alone, ... Read More »

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Osprey Bird Habitat?

Ospreys are birds of prey that are also called Sea Hawks or Fish Hawks. They live near the many different types of water sources all over the world. This is necessary because their primary prey is ... Read More »

Backyard Bird Habitat?

Creating a backyard bird habitat can be as easy as setting up a bird feeder or as complex as landscaping with native plants, flowers and grasses. Birds need three things to thrive--food, water and ... Read More »

Pelican Bird Habitat?

Along coastal watersheds, a pelican's majestic flight into the air always captures an avid birdwatcher's eye. A pelican's natural habitat forms the cornerstone for this bird family's survival. Loca... Read More »

What was the habitat of the dodo bird?

The dodo bird, now extinct, was native to Mauritius, a tropical island off the coast of Africa and east of Madagascar. Dodo birds are thought to have descended from African parrots.References:Yenra... Read More »