Cuckoo Bird Habitat?

Answer Despite the familiarity of its cry, the cuckoo remains a stranger to most people. Unlike its famous image in the cuckoo clock, the bird stays away from people. Furtive, watchful and usually alone, ... Read More »

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Habitat of an Umbrella Bird?

The umbrella bird, also known as Cephalopterus, lives in South and Central American rainforests. There are different species of umbrella birds, including the Amazonian umbrella bird, the long-wattl... Read More »

Heron Bird Habitat?

The various birds considered herons in North America include a dozen species--the bitterns, egrets and herons--with all of these birds living near the water. All herons are wading birds, primarily ... Read More »

How to Create a Bird Habitat?

Get your kids off the computer, get your spouse off the phone. Everybody has a reason to look out the window when you have a bird habitat in your own back yard. Watching birds is one of the fastest... Read More »

Backyard Bird Habitat?

Creating a backyard bird habitat can be as easy as setting up a bird feeder or as complex as landscaping with native plants, flowers and grasses. Birds need three things to thrive--food, water and ... Read More »