Csa are taking money from us can anyone help?

Answer Are you sure that it's genuinely the CSA ? His daughter is a grown woman,he shouldn't be paying for her now..Sounds to me like you've been scammed.. Go to your CAB and get advice from their solicit... Read More »

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Vonage is taking my money?

keep calling them, and document everything. if you can, record your conversations with them, but make sure you inform them that you are recording the call. then, if nothing is done, sue them.

Why Netfilx keep taking my money?

Contact their customer service and complain. Be sure you receive a confirmation of your canacellation from them so you know it's gone thru. If you haven't, then cancel again at their site and kee... Read More »

When Must a Person Start Taking Money From a 401(k) Account?

A 401k is an employer sponsored tax-deferred retirement plan. Employees contribute to their 401k plans (often with a matching employer contribution) in pre-tax dollars. The funds in the account gro... Read More »

When do I have to start taking money from my 401k account?

You must start withdrawing money from your 401k plan, regardless of whether it is a traditional or Roth plan, in the year that you turn 70 1/2 years old. The amount depends on your life expectancy ... Read More »