Crystal Oscillator Types?

Answer Vibrating crystals sound like a new-age gimmick, but they've been used since 1880, when French physicists Jacques and Pierre Curie discovered something called piezoelectricity. When certain hard su... Read More »

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What is a crystal oscillator?

A crystal oscillator is commonly used in electronic circuits to produce a clock signal with a steady frequency and constant amplitude. The crystal is a piezoelectric material that translates mechan... Read More »

Monoclinic Crystal System Mineral Types?

Mineralogists use many methods to classify minerals, one of which is symmetry. The elements that make up a mineral are bonded in particular ways into the crystal lattice. The symmetry of a mineral ... Read More »

What is a RF oscillator?

A radio frequency, or RF, oscillator is an electronic device that generates alternating currents at a range of radio frequencies. RF oscillators are found in electronic equipment ranging from handh... Read More »

How to Make Crystal Rings by Crystal Findings?

Making beautiful crystal rings by crystal beads are very popular, then learn step by step how the crystal rings are made follow the editor. First thing is to prepare the jewelry findings jewelry su... Read More »