Cryptococcosis Fungus in Felines?

Answer Cryptococcosis in cats is a yeast-like fungus that is widespread and can also affect dogs and people. Cats with a compromised immune system are more susceptible to the fungus. Cryptococcosis is con... Read More »

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Fungus gnats and beneficial fungus?

No, less watering can help to prevent fungus gnats and a product called Nemesisys, or Nemashield ,Scanmask and Entonem.all of these products are beneficial nematodes called steinernema feltiae. Th... Read More »

Nail Fungus Listerine cured my nail fungus! This is the reason I joined Yahoo Answers.?

Yes, it really does work, on most mild to moderate fungal infections. Thanks for sharing. :)It isn't the fastest way to clear a fungal infection, but it is cheap. So if this works, why complain? ... Read More »

What is pkd in felines?

Typically referred to as PKD, polycystic kidney disease is an inherited condition which causes the development of air-filled cysts in the feline kidney. Left untreated, PKD can result in kidney fai... Read More »

Treatment for Rabies in Felines?

Rabies vaccination is recommended for all pet cats and in some areas, owners are required by law to have their cat vaccinated. The reason why rabies vaccinations are important for cats, especially ... Read More »