Crying for help ! My 5 year old just got suspended from Pre-K!!! Halp Please...?

Answer Well for starters... stop giving the kid everything he wants! That's why this happened. Explain to him WHY this was wrong (He's little, he won't understand otherwise), and then punish him.

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Will a 17 year old get his liscence suspended in california for going 85 in a 65 on the freeway?

No. 86 in a 65 will perhaps get your license suspended. I'm sure the police office knocked it down a couple mph so it was only 20 over. Anything 21+ over "can" be considered reckless driving.

Why am i happy one minute then crying then next, then hyper then crying again?

most of the time it's because of your hormones i get that way to and you don't have to be on your period to have them either.