Cruises from Florida to Freeport, Grand Bahama?

Answer Depending on your point of departure, a cruise from Florida to Grand Bahama Island can be a day trip or a five-day vacation. Some cruises advertise their ship as a fun way to travel to your Bahamas... Read More »

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Midnight Gambler Cruises in Freeport, New York?

When visiting New York, there are a multitude of tourist hot spots within the city and across the state. Freeport, settled in the 1640s, is rich with history. Located along a commercial waterfront,... Read More »

Cruises to the Mediterranean From Florida?

Each year in the springtime, several cruise lines will reposition some of their cruise ships from the winter market in the Caribbean to work summer cruises in the Mediterranean. These cruise lines ... Read More »

Cruises From Florida Up the Eastern Coast?

From Florida all the way up the eastern coast of the United States there are plenty of shore excursions and historical sites for tourists on cruise ships to enjoy. Even while on the water, traveler... Read More »

Panama Canal Cruises From Florida?

The Panama Canal is a popular destination for cruise ships. Ships that go through the canal must complete the process of slowly inching through three different areas called "locks" until the ship h... Read More »