Cruises Out of New Orleans, LA?

Answer New Orleans is the largest city in Louisiana and is known for its French Creole architecture, multilingual heritage and annual celebrations including Mardi Gras. The city is also the birthplace of ... Read More »

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Discount Cruises in New Orleans?

Since the Louisiana Purchase, New Orleans has been a popular destination in the United States. This tourist city has world-renowned attractions such as the French Quarter, Canal Street, and the Ri... Read More »

Are the Viking River Cruises Holiday Cruises for families?

I haven't been on a Viking river cruise, but I have been on a Danube River cruise. On my cruise there were no children at all. I have a feeling that none of the river cruises are for children. ... Read More »

New New Orleans?

Good question. The fact is that even if the levees are fixed, most of NO is build on silt ... no very stable. At some point in the future a Category 4-5 hurricane is going to level it ... Katrina... Read More »

Who is better new orleans or houston?

NOLA. Proud to swim home!!!Houston is dirty, over crowded (thanks for takin' 'em, you can keep 'em), and it has too much pollution.