Cruise Ships Comparison?

Answer Some cruise ships are as individual as your pets, while others can be as common as a coin. They are built in all sizes and configurations, with a range of amenities to suit different tastes and tem... Read More »

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Who builds Carnival cruise ships?

Carnival Cruise line ships are built by either Fincantieri or Helsinki New Shipyard. Fincantieri is based in Italy, while Helsinki New Shipyard in Finland. As of 2010 the ship architect for Carniva... Read More »

Can the oil spill affect cruise ships?

no it cant effect cruise ships. They are to large and the cruise will go right through the oil with no problems. so don't worry and have a great vacation

How to Compare Celebrity Cruise Ships?

Celebrity Cruise Line was purchased by Royal Caribbean in 1997. Celebrity Cruise ships are considered a premium cruise line known for excellent service, amenities, and food. However, all Celebrity ... Read More »

What is the number of Celebrity cruise ships?

Celebrity Cruises has 11 ships in the cruise fleet. The ships are in four classes: the Century Class (Celebrity Century, Celebrity Mercury), the Millennium Class (Celebrity Constellation, Celebrity... Read More »