Cruise Ships Comparison?

Answer Some cruise ships are as individual as your pets, while others can be as common as a coin. They are built in all sizes and configurations, with a range of amenities to suit different tastes and tem... Read More »

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Where do cruise ships get there water?

They get drinking water from their starting ports and pool water from the sea(they clean it out first)

Where do the cruise ships dock in Boston?

All cruise ships traveling to Boston dock at Black Falcon Cruise Terminal, which is located in Boston Harbor. This places cruisers in Boston's Seaport District, which is close to South Boston and d... Read More »

Where do cruise ships leave from Boston?

Cruise ships leaving Boston exclusively use Black Falcon Terminal. More than 20,000 cruise ships and their passengers leave from this terminal annually. A bus or taxi will take you from Boston's hi... Read More »

How to Compare Celebrity Cruise Ships?

Celebrity Cruise Line was purchased by Royal Caribbean in 1997. Celebrity Cruise ships are considered a premium cruise line known for excellent service, amenities, and food. However, all Celebrity ... Read More »