Croton Plant Temperature?

Answer Croton plants (Codiaeum spp.) are notable for their colorful and variegated foliage. Tropical in nature, they thrive in warm conditions and will not grow well in outdoor climates that have freezing... Read More »

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How do i care for the plant croton?

LightingKeep the croton plant in bright light. A large, sunny south-facing window will usually do the trick. If new leaves are green, without the bright color splotches, the plant needs more light.... Read More »

Is croton a plant or flower?

The common croton, grown for its foliage, and any belonging to the genus croton are flowering plants. Each type is a member of the Euphorbiaceae family. When people refer to crotons, it's a plant, ... Read More »

How does temperature affect plant growth?

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How does temperature effect plant growth?

It depends on the type of plant. There are some plants that thrive in incredibly warm temperatures, like a cactus, and some that are just the oppisite. Your question needs to be more specific.