Croatian Language Basics?

Answer Together with the closely related languages of Serbian and Bosnian, Croatian is part of a mutually intelligible southern Slavonic language called Serbo-Croat. According to the Ethnologue Language R... Read More »

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What is the Serbo-Croatian language?

The Serbo-Croatian language was one of three official languages in the former Yugoslavia between 1918 and 1991. (The other two were Slovene and Macedonian.) After the country dissolved, Serbo-Croat... Read More »

How to Learn the Basics of the Greek Language?

Learning the basics of any language is crucial before a trip to a different country. Not only is this useful but it's also fun to know a few catch phrases in the native language. To learn basic Gre... Read More »

Is the surname Rosandich Croatian?

Yes, the name, Rosandich originates from Croatia where it is spelt Rosandic or Rosandich. Currently, it is the 691st most frequent name in Croatia, and is found 875 times in the Croatian population... Read More »

How to Speak Basic Croatian?

Have you ever dreamed of speaking Croatian? Well, here are some really easy steps!