Croatian Language Basics?

Answer Together with the closely related languages of Serbian and Bosnian, Croatian is part of a mutually intelligible southern Slavonic language called Serbo-Croat. According to the Ethnologue Language R... Read More »

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What is the Serbo-Croatian language?

The Serbo-Croatian language was one of three official languages in the former Yugoslavia between 1918 and 1991. (The other two were Slovene and Macedonian.) After the country dissolved, Serbo-Croat... Read More »

How to Learn the Basics of the Greek Language?

Learning the basics of any language is crucial before a trip to a different country. Not only is this useful but it's also fun to know a few catch phrases in the native language. To learn basic Gre... Read More »

What does bok mean in croatian?

How to Speak Basic Croatian?

Have you ever dreamed of speaking Croatian? Well, here are some really easy steps!