Criteria for American Citizenship?

Answer Citizenship can only be gained one of two ways; through birthright or through naturalization. Birthright covers all persons born on U.S. soil, born to U.S. citizen parents or born to U.S. citizen g... Read More »

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Is the child of an American citizen automatically granted American citizenship?

For a child to be granted United States Citizenship, he must either be born in the United States or both parents of the child born outside of the United States must be United States citizens.Source... Read More »

American Citizenship Act?

Almost as soon as the ink was dry on the Declaration of Independence, Americans began writing, passing, revoking and revising laws on citizenship. Throughout history, the definition of citizenship ... Read More »

What is American citizenship?

American citizenship can be attained by either birth or naturalization. Becoming an American citizen means that you are granted certain privileges, but it also means that you must uphold certain ob... Read More »

Information on American Citizenship?

American citizenship grants certain rights and privileges such as the ability to obtain a US passport and to vote in U.S. elections. Citizenship is available to immigrants through the naturalizatio... Read More »