Crhistians! Do anybody know any good Crhistian restraunts in New Yrok City?

Answer LOL, I needed a good laugh in the morning :D

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Does anybody know any good Italian restraunts on Randolph Street in Chicago?

If you want one on Randolph st. you're sol. There's Trattoria #10 on Dearborn just north of Madison. It's not overly expensive just because very few Italian restaurants by nature are expensive by r... Read More »

Anybody know a good hacker UK?

Intriguing tell me more? No there are tools to get info from a machine; which is easily done if discreet but I don’t personally know a hacker and they wouldn’t get past my fire-wall…:)Edit: C... Read More »

Anybody know of a good way to get rid of cockroaches?…scroll down and you will see the different things to do to get rid of them. Hope this helps you out :o)'

Anybody know a good slogan for Switzerland?