Crests Common to All Parrots?

Answer Many different species of parrots exist. But only three of the species have crests, which are longish feathers on top of the bird's head that can be raised or lowered when the bird is excited or al... Read More »

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Where are African Grey parrots most common?

The most common area to find African Grey parrots is West-Central Africa. Three varieties include the Congo African Grey, Greys from Nigeria and the Timneh African Grey. The Congo parrot is general... Read More »

List of U.S. Navy Ship Crests?

The U.S. Navy is one of the largest surface and subsurface fleets in the world. Ships of all classes and sizes are strategically positioned in waters home and abroad. The fleet consists of aircraft... Read More »

What is the horizontal distance between two successive crests called?

The horizontal distance between two successive crests is known as the wavelength. This applies to ocean waves, light waves, sound waves and the shock waves of an earthquake. Wavelength can be measu... Read More »

Can parrots eat eggplant?

Parrots should not be fed eggplant, rhubarb, avocado or cabbage. These vegetables are poisonous to parrots and can cause a variety of problems, including intestinal blockage, sickness and even deat... Read More »