Creepy email from someone?

Answer Email headers are generated completely by the sender and are NOT verified. What does this mean? It means that I can (with no particular effort) send an email to you that says:To: Your Name From: ... Read More »

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How to Not Be Creepy?

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Can you think of a really creepy song?

Creepy Songs for me...........?

These are lyrically creepy. Some are creepy sounding and others sound happy and normal, but the lyrics are disturbing. Enjoy?"Under Your Skin" - Jukebox The Ghost"Every Breath You Take" - The Polic... Read More »

Creepy Old Man stalking me..?

Dont be scared. And i recommend always keeping a small blade or knife or stun gum or pepper spray with you. Just in case he tries to rape you. Good luck. But dont be scared.