Creepy email from someone?

Answer Email headers are generated completely by the sender and are NOT verified. What does this mean? It means that I can (with no particular effort) send an email to you that says:To: Your Name From: ... Read More »

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How do you block someone from google email?

1. Type the name of the contact you wish the block into the Search box at the top of the chat list.2. In the box that appears, click Chat to open a chat window with that user. They will not be noti... Read More »

How can someone get a virus from just opening an email?

"I know of no email program that would automatically run any type of script hidden in the email."What? Have you ever hear of Microsoft Outlook? Until Microsoft patched the crap out of it over the y... Read More »

What should you do with an email attachment from someone you don't know?

Run a scan on the email message or attachment with the antivirus program on your computer. Do not open the attachment, and save it to your computer only if necessary to scan it for viruses. If the ... Read More »

Is there anything dangerous to your email or computer if you email someone you don't know?

yea they get your email address, you should keep that private to only known contacts