Creepy Old Man stalking me..?

Answer Dont be scared. And i recommend always keeping a small blade or knife or stun gum or pepper spray with you. Just in case he tries to rape you. Good luck. But dont be scared.

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Is this Stalking?

No. It's normal. A lot of people do that. There's nothing wrong with checking out his myspace page. People do the same thing with their favorite celebrities.Stalking is when you start following him... Read More »

Pedophile stalking me on YouTube ?

That's the kind of thing a police report needs to be made about. Asking children for nude pictures online is a felony, not something you just casually report to the website itself and hope that the... Read More »

What Is Consumer Stalking?

Consumer stalking occurs when a company harasses or directs abuse at a consumer. It is an illegal attempt to dissuade the consumer from filing a complaint or a lawsuit against the company.

Old Man Stalking me!! Please help!?

1. Don't stare. You'll encourage him to stare back.2. Don't talk, smile, or wave to him. That would bring on conversations.3. Carry a pocket knife. Girls your age always should. I always do, and th... Read More »