Credits Required for High School Graduation?

Answer Just like college students, high school students must complete a required number of credits to graduate. Graduation requirements for public high schools are established by state boards of education... Read More »

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How many credits are required to be a junior in high school?

Different schools calculate class levels in a variety of ways. Before being considered a junior, some institutions require a certain number of credits, whereas others require students to pass parti... Read More »

How many credits are required to graduate from high school in Colorado?

As of 2009, there was no statewide guideline for graduation In Colorado. Local school boards are responsible for developing curriculum and graduation requirements for students. As the largest schoo... Read More »

What math is required for high school graduation?

The amount of math credits needed for high school graduation varies from state to state. Some states allow individual districts to determine how many math credits are required. States that do have ... Read More »

Debates About Why Algebra Should Not Be Required for High School Graduation?

State laws requiring students to pass an algebra test before graduating high school have sparked widespread debate. California, for example, passed the algebra requirement in 2000. Many educators a... Read More »