Credible Website?

Answer Any website is credible if it looks it. Not many people make websites just to upload fake information onto.*cough* trolls *cough*

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Why is BBC a credible website?

BBC a credible website because true and fast coverage news in the world.

I have searched the cia cnn website for kalpa vigraha and all related phrases like Hindu idol st mustang circus0183 and came up with nothing do you have any credible reference sourced from the cia?

When has the CIA ever published their doings on a website? That would amount to admitting they conducted experiments on unsuspecting human subjects of the United States. I suspect the CIA would nev... Read More »

How credible is Wikipedia?

If I told you to jump off a cliff, would you do it just because I put citations at the bottom of my message? Wikipedia has the same lack of credibility as would my message telling you there are goo... Read More »

Are online degrees credible?

On One Hand: Consider Your ObjectivesSome industries are much more willing to give equal weight to your online degree--IT industries for instance. More creative type fields such as graphic design, ... Read More »