Creatures That Live in the Bathyal Zone?

Answer The bathyal or bathypelagic zone extends from about 3,280 feet to 13,123 feet below the surface of the ocean, indicates the Te Ara Encyclopedia of New Zealand. Light is incapable of penetrating thi... Read More »

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Plants That Live in the Photic Zone?

The photic zone is the layer of the ocean that sunlight reaches. The photic zone is made up of three layers, the euphotic zone, the dysphotic zone and the aphotic zone. The euphotic zone is the onl... Read More »

What Planting Zone(Plant Hardiness Zone) do you live in according to the USDA Hardiness Map?

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awwww, thats very sweet of, there need to be more men in the world like you. no man looks at a woman that way anymore. a woman being a beautiful goddess and gods work, thats just very respe... Read More »

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