Creative cooking ideas needed. I have no stove right now.?

Answer Crock pots are awesome.These both depend on the size of your crock pot/how many you're feeding/if you want leftovers1) Get a pack of riblets put them in the pot (uncooked) depending on the size of ... Read More »

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How to Make a Wax Cooking Stove?

A wax cooking stove can often be made from materials found at home or available from your local grocery or craft store. You can use your stove for a backyard cookout or on a camping trip. Making th... Read More »

Who invented the first cooking stove?

The first design that completely enclosed fire was developed by French architect Francois Cuvilles in 1735. This was also known as the stew stove or Castrol stove. It was a masonry construction wit... Read More »

Should a chef ever walk away from a cooking stove top?

NO! A chef should never walk away! This can be a bad hazard!I know im not a expert on cooking but i know when something is dangerous.I think that might be a fire hazard because escaping hot grease ... Read More »

Food to Cook on a Coleman Cooking Stove?

There's not much that you can cook on a home stove that you can't cook on a camping stove. The only real issues are how much food you want to carry outdoors, and how much fuel you'll need to cook i... Read More »