Creative Writing Projects for Third Grade?

Answer Third-grade students are at the point in their education where they can feel comfortable with creative writing projects. Most students will have had several creative writing experiences prior to th... Read More »

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How to Grade a Creative Writing Paper?

Grading any type of paper can be difficult for both the teacher and the student. It is important for teachers giving an assignment to make it clear how students will be graded. Creative writing ass... Read More »

1st Grade Creative Writing Ideas?

Creative writing helps young students develop a stronger mastery of spelling and grammar basics while empowering their imaginations. While first grade students might not possess a vast vocabulary o... Read More »

Creative Writing Ideas for Fifth-Grade Students?

By the fifth grade, students are ready to write reports and research papers that practice sentence structure, paragraph flow and the implementation of structured outlines. While these papers allow ... Read More »

Easy & Creative Science Projects With M&Ms for the Seventh Grade?

Science projects using M&M's candies are creative and tasty. With a few materials, seventh graders can test the melting point, watch as the M floats off of the chocolate, determine the most efficie... Read More »