Creative Writing Activities for Metaphors?

Answer Metaphors create a link between two separate ideas without using the words "like" or "as." Complex metaphors, such as long stories or poems, can create vivid perceptions of the original ideas while... Read More »

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Creative Writing Activities Using the Intelliboard?

An Intelliboard, sometimes referred to as an I-board, is an interactive teaching aid that connects to a desktop computer. Much like a touch screen monitor, the Intelliboard displays an enlarged vi... Read More »

Creative Writing Group Activities?

Writing is a solitary pursuit, so many writers seek out writing groups for camaraderie and sympathetic ears. But writing groups can offer much more. Through feedback on writing exercises, group me... Read More »

Creative Easter Writing Activities?

Elementary school students can all use a little bit of inspiration when they feel stuck for ideas. Easter themes, such as Jesus' resurrection, the Easter bunny, or egg hunts can inspire countless w... Read More »

Creative Writing Activities for College?

Creative writing ranks among the more demanding forms of writing, requiring structure, imagination and inspiration. As a college student, several creative writing activities may help build and nurt... Read More »