Creative Ways to Teach African-American History?

Answer African-Americans have a rich history. Early history includes the slave trade and all the heroes that stepped up to fight it. There is also a neglected history that includes all the movers and shak... Read More »

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How to Teach About African American History?

African American history is the study of the rich cultural and political history of an American cultural group and America in general. African American history lessons are taught extensively in US ... Read More »

Creative Ways to Teach Prepositions?

Prepositions and prepositional phrases are often a delight to teach. Because many locational prepositions are visual, students can see the words in action, unlike other grammatical terms and lesson... Read More »

Creative Ways to Teach Landforms?

Teaching landforms can be difficult due to the sheer quantity of items to be covered. There are landforms in water, such as archipelagos and atolls, and those on land, including canyons, mesas and ... Read More »

Creative Ways to Teach Resume Writing?

Writing an effective resume can be a real challenge. The key to offering a successful resume-writing seminar is to be creative. As with any learning situation, the more involved the student is in t... Read More »