Creative Ways to Get a Name Tattooed on Yourself?

Answer The tattooing of a name onto a body is an excellent way to honor, remember and memorialize the life of a loved one or an important person in one's life. This process is fairly common, but many name... Read More »

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How to Ask a Guy out in Different, Creative Ways?

So, you've spotted a guy that you like and you want to ask him out. It can be super scary just to go up to him and say - "will you go out with me?". So here are a few creative ways to say those 6 t... Read More »

What are some creative ways to masturbate?

Two of my ex-girlfriends love the bathtub faucet. I'm going to describe it without being inappropriate. You lay on your back in the bathtub, spread your legs, and rest them on the tiled wall behi... Read More »

Creative Ways to Use Wine Corks?

The only things left after a bottle of wine has been consumed are the glass bottle and the cork. While the bottle can be thrown away or recycled, there are many things that the cork can be used for... Read More »

Creative Ways to Teach Prepositions?

Prepositions and prepositional phrases are often a delight to teach. Because many locational prepositions are visual, students can see the words in action, unlike other grammatical terms and lesson... Read More »