Create this Dev C++ program?

Answer string firstLine = "Mirror, mirror, on the wall,";string secondLine = "Can't you show me tall and slim?"string thirdLine = "Mirror, mirror, on the wall,";string fourthLine = "Must I look so bloody ... Read More »

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How to Create a Program?

Got something that you want done but there is no software on the internet for it? Why not create the program your self? This how to will show you how you can create a program for non-commercial use... Read More »

How to Create a Simple Program in C?

This tutorial will serve as an introduction to creating a simple C and C++ program on Windows and Linux operating systems.

What program do I need to create my own web page?

These days it seems everyone and their pet dog have some sort of program or service to help you create your own web page. The technology barrier between the average computer user and a web presence... Read More »

What program would you use to create 3d images?

3D imaging programs are no longer hard to find or use (though in the late 1990s these programs required special training). There are hundreds of free, shareware titles available for download. See R... Read More »