Create more than 1 set of recovery CD's, HP?

Answer You don't say what OS your using, however more then likely its because system file are hidden;google terms "your OS reveal hidden files" for instructionshowever I find hpcd.sys is the file that run... Read More »

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How to Create Recovery Discs for Windows Vista in HP Recovery Manager?

After booting up your computer, with factory installed Vista for the first time, be sure to create a set of recovery discs of the full factory image. The recovery discs are used to start up (boot) ... Read More »

How to Create a Recovery DVD?

A recovery disc is a disc that can be used to start the Windows operating system in the event that your computer becomes unbootable. This might occur if your computer is infected by a particularly ... Read More »

How to Create a Recovery Drive?

Have you ever needed to reinstall Windows because of a virus or hard disk failure? The process of reinstalling or recovering from an operating system failure can be easier to recover from if you ha... Read More »

How to Create a Recovery Disk?

Vendors previously would make available to PC users an extra optical disk- commonly referred to as recovery disk upon purchase of a computer or laptop that can later be used to restore the manufact... Read More »