Cream cheese eaten after the expiration date?

Answer First, check whether it actually says "expires" or whether it says "best by". The latter means it will taste the best before the date, but not that it is bad. But, this is beside the point. Cream c... Read More »

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Is blue cheese safe to eat, two days after expiration date?

Yes it is. According to resources, it is fine to eat any food that is 1-7 days older than the expiration date. Plus, this kind of cheese will be richer the older it is, therefore, go for it!

Is liquid coffee cream good after the "expiration" date?

No, definitely not.. Not even like a few days after it. See a doctor and sooon!!

How long can you keep Sour Cream past it's expiration date?

the date printed on perishable fresh foods is generally the sell by date, not the actual expiration date. Dairy products usually last a minimum of 7 days past this date. Items such as sandwich me... Read More »

Can You Use Whitestrips After the Expiration Date?

You bought a box of Whitestrips to brighten your teeth for a wedding that never happened. Can you still use them if the box has expired? That depends on what result you are seeking. You might be wa... Read More »