Crazy Ideas for Chemistry Projects?

Answer Chemistry is not all boring molecules and chemical memorization. Magicians use chemistry to create flashy effects; chefs create chemical masterpieces in the kitchen. If you want to perform a simple... Read More »

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Ideas for Chemistry Posters and Projects?

Chemistry is a difficult subject for many students to grasp. Having students create posters and participate in hands-on projects can give them visual representations to help them learn about the el... Read More »

First Place Ideas for Fifth Grade Chemistry Projects?

Chemistry is a strong topic for a fifth grade science project. Students should keep a scientific journal of each and every action they conduct in their project, which is particularly useful if they... Read More »

Projects for Introduction to Chemistry?

There a number of simple and engaging projects that will introduce students to the world of chemistry. As the practice of this science often involves utilizing dangerous chemicals and equipment to ... Read More »

Chemistry Projects on Extraction?

Extraction is often used to isolate or purify a product. Extractions usually begin with the dissolving of the desired product into some sort of solvent. Ethyl ether and methylene chloride are commo... Read More »