Crate Training a Dog at Night?

Answer Crate training is a way to housebreak your dog, and to provide it with a safe, comfortable place to sleep. The crate must be large enough to accommodate your dog, and placement of the crate can var... Read More »

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How long is crate training?

The length of time it takes to crate train a dog will vary between a couple of days and weeks depending on temperament and breed. Once they are house trained and able to be in the house without des... Read More »

Crate Training and Crying?

Dogs cry in a crate for many reasons. For example, a dog might cry because it has been in the crate too long, it wants to be with its owner or it needs to relieve itself. However, there are many th... Read More »

Dog Crate Training Problems?

Crate training a dog is a common use of the dog's den instincts to house train a puppy. Dogs do not like to urinate or defecate in their den, which is why crate training is a wonderful tool for hou... Read More »

Crate Training & Toys?

Although it might seem cruel to put a dog in a crate, it comes naturally to canines. Dogs are den animals, and crates provide a space for them to retreat. Crate training can be made into a fun game... Read More »