Cramping that goes away when drinking water?

Answer try to get it to stop by massage and drink lots of water

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Double vision that "goes away" when I look through a pinhole. What does this mean?

Because of the laws of physics, when you look at something through a small hole, it gets rid of a lot of the blur. So, chances are, your vision could be fixed with glasses or contacts. From your de... Read More »

What would cause an icemaker to make dirty ice- The drinking water that comes out is clean and clear however when I get ice and add water to it I notice tiny little flakes and particles floating?

I just solved this problem at my house (1/08). In some models of ice makers the teflon coating on the tray can flake off and you will generally see small grey or black flecks in the melted ice. Th... Read More »

How long before drinking-water-related spots will go away?

Why would you get back pains when you drink but it stops hurting when the 'buzz' goes away?

If you're already dehydrated when you start drinking, or are taking Tylenol, Aleve (or anything containing them), or anything else that puts a strain on the kidneys, the resulting pain from your ki... Read More »