Craigslist needed a phone verification to make a personals ad...?

Answer Sign up under another name, and this time use your phone. You can be pretty sure whatever information you get from the new account was delivered to your father's cell.If you want some advice, don't... Read More »

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How can i avoid "telephone number verification" on Craigslist?

It is an anti-spam measure. If you are running several ads at a time, rather than just two or three, it can do this. It will also show up if you are posting in a category that has a lot of spam, or... Read More »

If you have a 3G phone can you buy a 4G phone on Craigslist and it'll work if you tell the phone company that you want to upgrade to the 4G plan?

How to skip Gmail phone verification?

You actually cant you have to give a phone number and then it sends you a code to type it it. Even i tried it but it doesn't work.

Adsense phone verification in italy?

You want area code lookup then check this portal : was created as a simple tool to find where your calls are coming from. What can be simpler than this? J... Read More »