(Craigslist) How do I place a actual photo linked to an image(website)?

Answer Upload your photo on a free image host. A list of free image hosts available here >>…Then link the image to your website using following code:

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Where would i take an actual photo to get it enlarged.?

Take it to any photo shop. However if it is a professional photo they may refuse because in that case it would not be your copyright.You can ask anyone with a scanner on their PC to scan it and blo... Read More »

HOW do I change my avatar to an actual photo?

Go to your home page and click on my 360 profile. Then click on my page. After that click on edit personal photos and download your photos. They give you help in downloading your photos. You can pu... Read More »

How to Place Situations Wanted Ads on Craigslist?

Finding a job in a tough economy can seem like an insurmountable task. But there is good news -- there are many places where you can advertise your skills and post your resume for free, including C... Read More »

I don't have photo shop, is there a place on line where I can add a Santa cap to my avatar?

Last time i did i was reported for spam....I put mine on at photobucket.