Craigslist Help Please?

Answer If you plan on selling lots of items, switch to ebay. Yes, the fees suck. They pretty much find a way to charge you for every little thing (posting fee, buy it now fee, pictures, etc. etc.) Then th... Read More »

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Is this a Craigslist Scam Please help.?

Okay good thing I saw this question..I have received that same problem about 4 or more times. They tell you they have their shipping company and they send you a check and then you supposedely send ... Read More »

Please help me , i got a problem about interview at mcdonalds please please help help thx so much?

go back to the McDonald's and tell them one of the managers called you, you came in but she was not there. Can they please find out who contacted you. There should be only a few managers that are... Read More »

Python & binary tree help PLEASE!please please please help me in anyway :'(?

This site should help:…

Dr Phil please help you your daugther is to get married oct 18th and she is going thru some real issues you know ms Winfrey thur her child sweet heart Anthony otey please help and to ms oprey please h?