Craftsman Home Ideas?

Answer Made popular in the United States by Frank Lloyd Wright, Craftsman homes have a distinctive look that is marked by their clean, simple design. While there are variations on the style, such as the b... Read More »

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Craftsman Decorating Ideas?

The Craftsman (or Arts and Crafts) Movement in the late 19th and early 20th century was a direct reaction to the excesses of the Victorian era. It highlighted simplicity in design and décor. Craft... Read More »

Decorating a Craftsman Style Home?

The old saying, "Everything old is new again," certainly applies to the Craftsman ethic. Originally a "revival" of pre-industrial production methods, the concept periodically enjoys renewed interes... Read More »

Craftsman Style House Painting Ideas?

According to Craftsman Home, the Arts and Crafts movement that began in the late 1880s gave way to the development of the Craftsman style home, which first emerged in the early 1900s. There are a f... Read More »

I'm looking for good DVD ideas - I just got a new home theather system. Any ideas?

terminator, james bond, starwars, jarasic park, i robotthats the ones we use to show off the capabilities of the home cinemas and we sell ones up to £100,000 and we use these dvds day in day outme... Read More »