Crafts With Mini Plastic Cones?

Answer Mini plastic cones are used to warn people about danger or to create stability in a project when the cone is inverted so that it rests on its wider end, but these cones can also be used for craftin... Read More »

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Easy Crafts for Children With Pine Cones?

Some of the best crafting supplies come directly from nature, and pinecones are no exception. Found in and around pine trees, these versatile pieces of nature are abundant and safe to use, even wit... Read More »

Crafts With Heated Plastic?

You can create a number of craft projects, from jewelry to durable shopping bags, using heated plastic components. Supplies can be readily sourced from craft stores or even from your home.

Crafts With Plastic Jugs?

Large plastic milk jugs can be recycled into craft projects and useful household items, from toys and models to scoops for dry foods. The flexible translucent plastic is easy to work with and lends... Read More »

Crafts With Plastic School Boxes?

Using old plastic school boxes for crafts is an ideal way to use these boxes instead of throwing them away. When making crafts with plastic school boxes, you can use either old or new ones. If old ... Read More »