Craft Projects With Gum Wrappers & Bags?

Answer The next time you open a new pack of gum, consider saving those wrappers for future use as a craft project. The paper wrappers that you typically throw into the garbage are the right size and shape... Read More »

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Craft Projects for Leather Messenger Bags?

Leather messenger bags are waterproof, resilient and attractive and can be adapted for business or casual use. Work with quality pieces of leather and clean, sharp tools to craft a long-lasting mes... Read More »

Craft Projects With Wooden Spoons?

Wooden spoons are an inexpensive item with multiple purposes. They can be used in craft projects, as play items or even decorations. Combined with craft supplies such as glitter, glue, paint or fel... Read More »

How to Choose the Right Craft Glue for Craft Projects?

Craft glue is very handy for all sorts of crafty projects. There are different sorts of glue available, however, so it pays to know what will be most useful for your needs. It might turn out that y... Read More »

Free Craft Projects Made With Clay?

Polymer clay is an artistic medium that can be used by small children and adults. This clay retains shapes well and can be mixed into almost any color. For those who enjoy afternoons spent craftin... Read More »