Cracks in Concrete Due to Temperature?

Answer Concrete is a man-made substance created from cement and mixed with aggregates such as gravel and water. It is one of the most well-used materials in the world. Foundations for buildings are usuall... Read More »

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How do I fix cracks in concrete slabs?

CaulkUse a caulking gun and patching caulk for concrete to repair smaller cracks. Load the caulk into the gun, and push the lever to release caulk into the crack. Remove excess caulk, and make the ... Read More »

How do I fix cracks in a concrete foundation?

Small CracksHave any foundation cracks inspected by a professional to ensure that they are not a sign that the foundation's integrity is in danger. Fill smaller cracks with siliconized latex caulk.... Read More »

How to Fix Cracks in a Concrete Block Foundation?

Many older homes have concrete block foundations, and time, weather and other elements may cause damage. An expert inspector can tell whether cracks visible in your concrete block foundation are da... Read More »

How do I prevent cracks in concrete floors?

Adjust the Water in the MixMix the concrete with the proper amount of water. Do not use more water than is necessary. The thinner the mix, the more likely the concrete will crack after it sets.Avoi... Read More »