Cracking Your Back?

Answer I think this is probably not very good for you. If you want your back 'cracked', ask a chiropractor - they will do it safely and make you feel much better. Doing it yourself could damage the little... Read More »

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Is cracking your back knuckles etc bad?

Here's an article by a doctor that explains why you shouldn't do it:…

Is cracking your back when stretching bad?

Depends how loud it cracks if someone hears it then it could be arthritis it would not be cuz u stretch too much. Visit doctor if you're worried

Does cracking your back cause arthritis?

On One Hand: Not a Cause of ArthritisCracking your back, or other joints, does not cause arthritis. Arthritis is typically caused by genetics, weight, age, injuries and illness.On the Other: A Cau... Read More »

How to Pack Your Backpack Without Cracking Your Back?

A Ton is not going to make itOh oww! Is that my..oh yeah!So as instead of dumping everything in your backpack (very unorganized, and with things poking your back)you can learn how to do it the smar... Read More »